Wednesday, December 21, 2011

k0rean ! :)

 hye , da lama tak update ini bl0g kan? huhu .. x de st0ry la nak cter .. k0rngkan ta0 yg , i'm not a fanatic korean movie or korean people , but the first Korean artists that I like is 
<------ Soong Joong Ki ! waahhaha... s0 cute .. I like him ! I like him juz because I watch running man !

            And , this night I was watching  Boys over Flowers ! Best ! there are 
                                        many handsome actor .  especially      Kim Bum..  waaaa... really hands0me b0y ..  You all do not kn0w ?  is not possible !  huhuhu .. 
<----- the second K0rean artists that I like ... Kim Bum .. sweet!                

 Soong joong Ki  vs Kim Bum ! wuhuuhu !! :D                                                                       

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