Monday, March 16, 2015

i know it WORST!

there are nothing to be afraid... 
i just need to trust myself right?
believe in what i do... just set my target.. strive my stars! shining my day.. 
i know my limit.. but, i still can try to do better...more than my limit.. am i right ?  yes i think.. hehe..  like rifhan said,,, " don't think to 'fly' only.. not because you in 'the system' you can fly easily... open your mind " he have same way of thinking with me.. at first laa! but now, the way he think is different with me.. like what he said... 
yeah i really want to go abroad.. go to harvard! notthingham... what else?  GMI.... MORE! but, i realize.. my ENGLISH! not even GOOD! urghh... how can i pass the interview? 
even english is still important in Malaysia..  no now,, i chage my target.. i change my aim.. what else? i change everything.. 
i just need to focus in my studies.. care about the result.. improve my softskills... 
university? i believe ,, if my result is GREAT ! every university will approve me, right?  if not now,, maybe i can go abroad when i want to do master.. who knows? 

*aippp! don't judge my english okay! i know it worst! sorry

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